Thankfulness as a Business Reflective Tool

As we exit the Thanksgiving Holiday and think about wrapping up the final quarter of the year we cannot forget to use ‘Thankfulness’ to evaluate our progress first. Of course every corporation attempts to use losses to their advantage as we approach tax season. That’s allowed but it should never be the first step in reflecting on your business. Otherwise it may depress you! I like to use Tony Robbins’ concentric method of thankfulness self reflection by starting with myself and then branching out to others close to me and further away to think of all the things I am thankful for!

Start by listing all the things you are thankful for in your own life. Did you get more educated about the law or your particular business? Don’t forget that includes lessons about what not to do. Be thankful that client tried to screw you out of the thousands of dollars they should have paid you for a job well done despite the circumstances — which were their fault. As a result of that situation, you know you cannot trust that client and that you should take even more steps to fully evaluate the truthfulness of what a client represents to you about their legal situation. Furthermore, you now see the holes in your retainer agreement or business contract. Experience taught you how you can improve it, which comes in handy when you have to use legal measures to collect.

Next you list all the people around you that you are thankful for. For example, that unhumble person you met at the networking event who seems to have had all their opportunities handed to them including their cushy job. Be thankful that your business struggles have humbled you to become a human being. You now can never look at another business person the same way again. In fact you respect them more and and they like you because they know you get them. Voila! rapport built and new client retained.

Next think about the world around you. For example, struggles sent your way due to an economic environment that disfavors small businesses because of massive city state and federal taxes — New York City. Be grateful that you have learned to be cognizant of all the different ways you can deduct your expenses for your personal and corporate taxes. As a result of feeling the heat you were motivated to attend lectures on bookkeeping and basic accounting held by the New York City Small Business Administration. You are now able to help your business clients navigate the possible mines of getting too creative with deductions.

I promise you that if you make it a practice to think about what you are thankful for first, in evaluating the progress of your business, your mood will be better and you will be better able to keep pressing forward!

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