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Does it Matter Who Files First in Divorce?

Some litigants rush to be the first to file for divorce believing that it matters to a court. The truth is that Judges are experienced and they know better than to trust a litigant’s story just because they grabbed the ‘Plaintiff’ label first. The biggest mistake that these rush filers make is that they haveContinue reading “Does it Matter Who Files First in Divorce?”

Who Are Mandated Reporters?

Michigan law mandates certain professionals to report suspected child abuse or neglect to Child Protective Services (“CPS”) when they have “reasonable cause to suspect child abuse or child neglect.” MCL 722.623(1)(a)–(b). Mandated reporters are required to report child abuse, including sexual abuse, when the suspected perpetrator is a parent, legal guardian, teacher, teacher’s aide, or otherContinue reading “Who Are Mandated Reporters?”

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