The Quickest Way to Lose Custody: Bad Mouthing Your Ex’s New Family

Sometimes your ex does not wait to start a new family and you find yourself alone watching him or her start their new family unit. You may be tempted to bad mouth your ex and their family but think twice. You may lose custody of your child by such antics. 

The Courts prefer to place child in a family unit with two parents involved because they believe that it provides stability to the child. However, another major factor for consideration is that the child is most used to being cared for by one of the parents and should therefore stay with that parent. If the custodial parent begins to bad mouth her ex’s new family then the Courts have issued decisions placing that child with the new family unit. For example, where a mother told the child that the child’s new baby brother by another mother was not her real sibling the court awarded custody of the child to the father because this was confusing the child and having a negative impact on her. This kind of decision can be devastating but serves as an important lesson. Bad mouthing your ex will bite you in the behind. The younger the child, the less likely they understand they should not repeat what you told them to the other parent. 

If you are having difficulty with an ex spouse who is bad mouthing you to your child or if you are having trouble understanding how to discuss your ex’s new family with your child, contact Diana Mohyi Attorney at Law so that you have a counselor on your side. 

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