When do a child’s actions cause child support payments to end?

In New York, Children can be removed from child support, otherwise known as emancipated, for a list of reasons. Typically the reasons have to do with the lack of need to support the child because the child has taken on adult behaviors or is self supporting. But there are other reasons. 

The following are typical examples of reasons a child can be emancipated: 

{a} Reaching the age of 21 years, unless if the child attends a full time college program     

{b} Marriage 

{c} Death of a child;

{d} Entry into the armed forces of any Country 

{e} Engaging in permanent full-time employment 

Children can also be emancipated if they have no contact with their child support paying parent. In a case where a pre-teen girl had little or no contact with their father because she had been poisoned by her mother, the Court found the father no longer had to pay child support. 

If you are considering asking the Court to terminate your child support or you are defending such petition, contact Diana Mohyi Attorney at Law to provide you reliable counsel in the matter. 

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