Why It is a Bad Idea to Self-Represent in a Divorce

Some people like to cut corners and save money at every possible instance. In some cases it makes sense but in your Divorce proceeding it is the worst idea in the world. You get what you pay for. Even the old saying is true that a Lawyer who represents himself has a fool as his client.  The same goes for anyone who thinks they can successfully self-represent themselves. 

Divorce is a very emotionally charged because it is deeply personal and involves a major change in one’s life arrangements. One party may be at risk of losing custody while another party may be at risk of losing half their assets. The divorce process may result in losing your perceived control of your Children’s future and the assets you accumulated through years of blood, sweat and tears.

It is important to have separate independent third parties involved to represent you and your spouse. Each person needs to be given the cold hard truth about their situation so that they can make the proper decisions. When one is involved in a divorce, their emotions cloud their reason. They need a third party they can trust to counsel them in the right direction which is in their bests interest as well as the best interest of their family. 

It is important to hire a professional with experience in divorce matters because it is a type of litigation that involves specialized laws and procedures. If your divorce is not done the right way, you can experience life-long pain and heartache. You may lose custody of your children or lack the proper monetary support because you put your career on hold for the sake of your family, for example. 

If you are contemplating a divorce or have been served with divorce papers, call  Diana Mohyi Attorney at Law to obtain reliable counsel. 

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