Why Divorce with a Separation Agreement like Bill & Melinda Gates?

How do multi billionaire sophisticated parties get divorced? Hint: They don’t down blow through their money with a scorched earth divorce litigation strategy. Bill and Melinda Gates recently announced they are getting a divorce however they have already settled the divorce before they even filed for Divorce. How? By Separation Agreement. What are some benefits of a separation agreement?

  1. Negotiate when you are not ready for a divorce without the pressure of litigation deadlines
  2. Avoids the costs of litigation
  3. You can decide not to get a divorce without the need to end formal proceedings in which you have invested considerable time and energy.
  4. Resolve spousal support, child support, division of assets and child custody issues in a formal agreement quietly
  5. Unwind the financial ties between the parties while leaving the family unit intact.

If you are interested in negotiating the terms of separation agreement contact Diana Mohyi Attorney at Law for a consultation.

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