Why Kelly Clarkson’s Divorce Proves Prenuptial Agreements are Important

Kelly Clarkson’s Divorce actually does show us a prenuptial agreement is important despite the fact that her ex receives a significant amount of spousal support. According to ET the Judge ruled that Clarkson will pay Blackstock a total of $195,601 per month in spousal and child support — $150,000 per month in spousal support as well as $45,601 in child support — and pay $1.25 million towards Blackstock’s attorney fees and costs. Keep in mind that Ms. Clarkson’s 2021 net worth is $45 Million, so that is only a drop in the bucket.

Anyone can contest an agreement in a divorce. To contest it, one must hire an effective lawyer. If the prenuptial agreement waives all litigation fees, then each party must pay their own legal fees. In Kelly’s case, the ex hubby wanted to split all her assets 50:50 but the prenuptial agreement stated that all her assets which she accumulated before the marriage were only hers. She won.

Before you discount the importance of getting prenuptial agreement done the right way by an experienced lawyer, contact Diana Mohyi Attorney at Law, P.C. for a consultation to learn how a prenuptial agreement can help you.

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