Child Support for Disabled Dependents in New York

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In New York there are special statutory provisions which provide for the support of adult children who are disabled. They can receive this support as long as they had the disability before the age of 18. The Family Court Act Outlines these provisions in Sec 240-d and 413-b. It is possible to receive both SSI and this special needs child support.

In order to take advantage of these special provisions it is important to get the proper documentation of the disability from a licensed physician, licensed psychologist, registered professional nurse, licensed clinical social worker or a licensed master social worker under the supervision of a physician, psychologist or licensed clinical social worker authorized to practice under title eight of the education law, and acting within their lawful scope of practice.

A parent who had custody of the adult child as a minor, should file a guardianship petition to maintain legal custody of care for the their adult child. The jurisdiction of the court to enforce custody orders expires when a child reaches the age of 18.

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