Why Divorce and Custody Trials Outcomes Are Complicated

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Even if you believe you have the best possible case to bring before a Court, you can still lose. It is difficult to lose a case that you have worked so hard to prepare for. The law can be on your side and you can have plenty of evidence to present. However, in the end a single human being, who has their own personal biases, has the complete power to decide the end result. If you choose to take a case to trial you will always have the risk that the decision maker puts their own personal feelings above the law. In family law it can be even more difficult to win a case because the Appeals courts tend to defer to what the trial court has decided. So why would you go it alone?

It is important to discuss your case with an experienced divorce and family law attorney because the law is not just what is written on paper. An experienced family law attorney will know about how a court operates in real life and may have had prior experience with your judge or family law judges in general. The vision we see on television is not the reality of a court room. It is important that you don’t get so caught up in your case and tied to your way of looking at things that you forget to listen to the lawyer you hired. That is another pitfall. Take time to find the lawyer you work best with and step back so that you gain a realistic picture of what lies ahead if you pursue a trial in your divorce, custody or other family law matter.

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