How Inflation Impacts Divorce and Other Family Law Practice

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A family law attorney must consider the expenses that the client currently faces and will face post-divorce or other custody related proceedings. New York State only sets a new cap for child support and maintenance on a yearly basis. Therefore if the cost of goods gets dramatically higher in the course of a year, there is no immediate solution other than to argue that child support or maintenance should be awarded above the income cap.

The impact of inflation seems like a faraway concept until one is able to connect how it impacts one’s daily life. Inflation chips away at the consumer’s buying power. It is not just the cost of eggs and bacon that goes up but also the cost of childcare. This is because the childcare provider’s expenses have also gone up.

If you are concerned about whether you will be able to support yourself or your children based on the current child support or maintenance cap rates pay close attention to what your last year’s expenses were and where they are now. It may not be your fault. You may be spending even less than before but are a victim of inflation. Don’t stay a victim. Your attorney must consider the economic environment and how it applies to your settlement since the Courts will generally not do that for you. Contact Diana Mohyi Attorney at Law for a consultation for your Divorce or other Family Law needs.

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