The Impact of Bankruptcy on Divorce and Child Support Proceedings

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Some litigants try to use bankruptcy to avoid paying their matrimonial and child support obligations or as a way to delay the proceedings. Here is the 411 on what the impact of bankruptcy proceedings have on divorce and child support related matters.

Upon filing the bankruptcy, a debtor has an automatic stay which automatically stays other pending civil proceedings no matter where they are, even another state. Parties interested in lifting this stay will have to file a motion in the bankruptcy court to lift the stay.

Debtors in bankruptcy may try to discharge a debt. Chapter 13 proceedings may allow for the discharge of property settlements in a divorce but they will not allow for the discharge of child support payments. Other bankruptcy proceedings, such as Chapter 7 Liquidation and Chapter 11 Reorganization do not allow for the discharge of divorce property settlements.

A spouse or other parent may have to gain the approval of the bankruptcy trustee to allow their settlements in a divorce or child support proceedings to be approved by the Court. Generally the bankruptcy court will not get involved in the specifics of domestic relations proceedings. Property settlements may pose a challenge if the spouses are not earnestly getting a divorce and are trying to take money from other creditors, for example if they still continue living together as if married.

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