Who Pays Michigan Child Support if Incomes are Equal?

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Michigan Child Support calculations take into account not only the income of the parties but also certain expenses of a party and the number of overnights the the party has with a child. The Courts typically rely on the Michigan Child Support Calculator which can be accessed by clicking here. Some factors that might change the amount of child support paid or received are as follows.

If the parties make about the same amount of income then usually the number of overnights that a party spends with a child has the biggest impact on the amount of child support paid. Because of this a child custody litigation determines the final child support calculations.

If both parties have the same amount of income and spend an equal amount of overnights with the child, then whether one party pays for that child’s health insurance may tip the scale. Furthermore in calculating support, a parent’s tax information is also imputed into the calculator. If one party took all the proper child credits on their tax return, while the other party failed to properly do so, the child support amount paid might also vary. The calculator also takes into account minor children from other relationships.

If you are interested in filing a child support petition and are concerned about which factors may impact the amount of child support you receive or pay out, consult Attorney Diana Mohyi.

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