Top 5 Reasons for Divorce That Engaged Couples Must Consider

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Divorce attorneys are no stranger to the common reasons that couples get divorced. Common divorce trends exist which engaged couples should consider before they get married. Here are the top 5 reasons for divorce.

  1. Financial Stress – avoid marrying someone who makes no effort to put their financial affairs in order. It’s best to avoid marrying someone until they do. After you are married you may file joint tax returns and your signature on the joint tax return makes you potentially jointly liable for your spouses’ financial concerns.
  2. Infidelity – avoid marrying someone who is not loyal to you and has a roving eye. It won’t get better after marriage. It may get worse.
  3. Mental Health Issues– Avoid marrying someone whose mental health may make your life difficult. Mental health issues including narcissistic personality disorder are rampant amount divorce litigants. Personality disorders may keep you from being able to co-parent because one party wants it their way only. Mental health issues are also the root cause of domestic violence. The increased financial stress of raising a family, among other issues, can aggravate a pre-existing mental health issue and make it worse.
  4. Indifference – Avoid marrying someone who won’t make the effort to work on your relationship. A good marriage is the result of a joint effort by both parties. If one party is not involved, the marriage ship goes nowhere.
  5. Wrong Reasons – Avoid marrying someone for the wrong reasons. One good test is considering whether you could be happy with that person if you were on a desert island alone. The size of their bank account or their physical appearance should not be the only reason.

If you are considering whether to get married, have a consultation with Attorney Diana Mohyi about drafting a prenuptial agreement to protect you in the event of a divorce. If you have a child in common, consider a consultation about whether obtaining a child custody order makes more sense than marrying the child’s parent for the wrong reasons.

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