New York Virtual Marriage Ceremonies in the Age of Social Distancing

The Corona Virus Pandemic has disrupted our lives in many ways. For example, for the first time in history, no one was able to get married. Once the New York shelter orders were put in place, the clerk’s offices were closed and officiants were unable to meet couples in person, as required, to officiate weddings. As of March 7, 2020, New York Governor Cuomo signed two Executive Orders to help couples in limbo; Executive Orders 202.20 and 202.21. 

Pursuant to Domestic Relations Law  Section 13, Marriage License holders are required to solemnize their marriage within 60 days of obtaining the marriage license. However, pursuant to Executive Order 20.20, this 60 day time limit is waived for those couples who have a valid New York marriage license during the current state of emergency. The order also waives the fees for re-applying for a New York marriage license generally required pursuant to Domestic Relations Law 15.

Pursuant to Executive Order 202.21, until May 19, 2020, New York Marriage Officiants may now solemnize a New York marriage using audio-visual technology. 

Visit to begin your virtual marriage license process.

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